The story of Voigt Travel
About Voigt Travel

The story of Voigt Travel

Friedrich Anton Voigt
Our passion for travel dates back to 1857 when the German trader Friedrich Anton Voigt settled down in the port of Rotterdam to become a large ship broker, well-known for its cargo to the Baltic Sea. In the 1950's the new owner decided to also take passengers on board which was the cradle for the foundation of Voigt Travel Ltd.

Innovator and trendsetter
Since then Voigt Travel has been the leading specialist in car holidays to Scandinavia. Every summer thousands of people drove their cars on the ferry to Finland to start a roundtrip to the Polar Circle and the Midnight sun in Finnish and Swedish Lapland, the fjords and the North Cape in northern Norway. 

Success in this area made it possible to explore other outskirts in Europe such as Scotland and Iceland. 

Largest in the world
In 2003 Voigt Travel took a huge step by developing active winter holidays to Lapland in conjunction with direct flights to the Arctic area. This was entirely at the companies' own risk thus creating a brand new travel experience. 

Introducing our company

Who are we?
We are a group of 25 enthusiastic travel organisers. Some of us are real explorers and innovative thinkers where others are great organizers and experts in getting things done the best possible way. It's our mission to become the number one in the Nordics. Together we are a devoted team serving the needs of today’s travellers.

What do we do?
We are an independent tour operator specialised in package tours and customized holidays to the outskirts of Europe, both in summer and in winter. We offer full service. Our goal is to make sure that our guests travel on a small scale, carefree and in comfort, to destinations where there's still plenty of space for adventure and unique experiences that exceed all expectations.

Why do we do it?
We know that there are still many places to be (re)discovered. More than ever there's a need to travel. To get away from it all and go back to the essence. We believe that an immersive experience is the new luxury in travel. Our goal is to explore them so that our guests arrive at secret unexpected places where they meet interesting people and get acquainted with a different way of life.

What we have accomplished
Our office is like a boiling pot of creativity where valuable ideas are constantly transformed into new and innovative products with best possible services. Our customers choose to travel with us for validation of their need for expertise, comfort and security. Our tours include all basic needs. From transport to lodging and meals but above all they bring extra added value and services. Experiences that exceed the customers expectations and create unforgettable memories.

Worldwide Voigt Travel is the only tour operator with so many direct flight connections in the northern part of Europe. We fly to seven magic destinations in Finnish and Swedish Lapland, Northern Norway and North Iceland, summer and winter alternately. Flights are operated by Transavia from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport as well as Rotterdam The Hague airport.

How do we do it?
Since our foundation we have been following a distinct road to success by exploring unpredictable destinations and unknown regions often with a lack of infrastructure. We get in touch with local stakeholders about the possibilities to develop a touristic infrastructure, based on both their and our knowledge. We prefer to work with partners that have a strong bond with their home region. Our aim is to build up a sustainable relationship or rather become friends in business.

How can you join us?
Partnerships play a key role in the efforts of Voigt Travel to develop a destination or fulfil our customers’ needs. Only by working together with extraordinary partners, including governments, local communities, businesses and individual companies we can achieve a successful and lasting product. We find that innovative and respectful ways of doing business improve the quality of life locally and ensures development and an increase of holidays to our destinations.

Partnership with Voigt Travel
Are you a local company or organization with new ideas? Are you willing to make a difference? Then we would like to work with you in the areas of destination development, marketing, production and sales of travel. Our goal is to create an equal opportunity, where both partners are expected to invest time, money and especially creative ideas. We prefer to establish a long-term relationship with partners who have a strong relationship with their home region. 

Are you interested in exploring a partnership with Voigt Travel, please contact us: